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24x24x24  200# / 32 ECT 15 bdl./ 120 bale
24x24x24 200# / 32 ECT 15 bdl./ 120 bale

These cartons are the industry standard! All cartons are constructed from strong 200# / 32 ECT, kraft corrugated (unless otherwise noted).
• All cartons ship and store flat to save space.
• Order in bundle or bale quantities.
• Corrugated cartons ar

Sold in Bundles of 15 pieces.
Ordering 1 of this product will get you 15 pieces.

Save even more when you buy a bale of 120!

Truck shipping only!

Wholesale Boxes, Corrugated Boxes,BS242424,shipping boxes,Cube Boxes,242424 BOX,24x24x24 Shipping Boxes,24x24x24 Packaging Boxes,24x24x24 Mailing Boxes
$58.99 Add to cart